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Welcome to!

Being "a little better" than your competition is the true secret to success.  It calls for leveraging the sharpest, most powerful resources you can find to continually exceed expectations.  Building  character, knowledge, wealth and better relationships is a cornerstone of our philosophy and this website is designed to share how we do a little bit of all that.

This is in a nut shell, the story of my life....

So I've set out on a mission to make it better.

JUST A LITTLE BETTER ....  Check out our recommended products in the side navigation! 

We've done some homework for our own use and want to share our recommendations in various areas of interest. We think these items are "Just a little better" than the rest.  Book reviews,  product recommendations and soon online ordering direct from portal.

By the way, did you notice:

February 19, 2009 HDTV Day has come and gone - The date has been pushed out to June 12, 2009 and that's come and gone.  I guess it's those folks with rabbit ears that had to worry.  Y2K, HDTV, 2012 --- will it ever stop.

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